16 Iulie logistică

New head office for CBM VAR in Italy

Our affiliate CBM VAR recently moved to a new 4,000 sq.m. logistics platform in Italy.

Un nouveau siège pour CBM VAR en Italie !

Working out of their new head office, Andrea CHIOCCHETTI’s teams now process a constantly increasing number of customer orders for vehicle brands present in Italy, including IVECO, BREDAMENARINI, EVOBUS, MAN, SOLARIS, SCANIA, VANHOOL, and IRIZAR.


Our affiliate VAR has supplied spare parts for public transport vehicles from original equipment manufacturers for four decades.


Contact CBM VAR: https://www.cbmcompany.com/it/contatti/

Corso Canonico Allamano, 41
10095 Grugliasco (TO)

Tel.: +39 011 40 62 11
Fax: +39 011 40 62 99