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VIRUS KILLER, a new technology to make your public transport safe and reliable

A new air purification system for public transport vehicles has just been created.

A technology long used in hospital operating theatres has been adapted to sterilize the air inside buses and coaches. The system is very easy to install and maintain, and ensures the vehicle is up to 99.99% free from any infectious agent.

The Italian laboratory, BIOLEADER, conducted comparative tests on air samples taken from the inside of a vehicle belonging to BUSCOMPANY, a leading passenger transport company from the Piemonte region, before and after installing VIRUS KILLER. These analyses demonstrated the effectiveness of the process and a significant improvement in air quality.


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The VIRUS KILLER purifier, which is already used by the world’s leading bus manufacturer, successfully passed all of the comparative tests. A new round of tests and activities is soon to be launched to officially demonstrate its effectiveness also against COVID 19.

Its efficacy is guaranteed by three different technologies that kill pathogenic agents:

–          High-intensity pulsed ION technology;

–          C-type ultraviolet germicidal lamp (used in a medical environment);

–          A photo-catalytic purifier.

These three elements combined form a single “filter” which, mounted on the air recycling suction inlet, filters and returns the purified air to the air conditioning system, from which is then returned cooled to the inside of the vehicle. This process ensures the use of air that is free of any infectious agent and cleans the air of fine dust, pollen and bad smells, etc.

A control unit with a display provides drivers and passengers with continuous monitoring of the efficacy of the VIRUS KILLER, which acts every two minutes by continuing to purify the “new air” that enters the vehicle intermittently whenever the doors open.

VIRUS KILLER, a new technology to make your public transport safe and reliable.”



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