08 January Corporate

CBM France: Customer Service and Technical Hot Line, an ongoing link with our customers

CBM provides a supply service of more than 75,000 spare parts in more than 60 countries in 24 to 72 hours through its 8 logistic hubs. Quality of reference and quality of service. It is also thanks to its team of specialists that CBM has established itself as a leader in the replacement parts market for coaches, buses and trams.

 We are experiencing an important increase in the demands of end users (…).” “Our challenge is to meet the demand regarding high-quality service“, says Robert Khanoyan, Marketing Director of CBM in Bus and Car connection N ° 1037_2017_12_15

In order to do so, CBM provides operational teams, all specialists in spare parts for coaches, buses and trams, in each country. In France, two additional teams of experts are dedicated to the needs of our customers. Focus on our Sales team and Technical Advisers team.

ALTCBM: Sales Reps. and CBM Technicians, Le Mans, France

CBM Sales Reps. and Technicians (from left to right: Lionel COTTEREAU, Lénaïc COULON, Christelle HAMARD, Frédéric BODINIER, Christine DUGAST, Anne-Sophie CAMUS, Sylvain HUARD, Cindy LEMART)

CBM: 6 Sales reps. all dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs

(Christelle HAMARD, Lénaïc COULON, Christine DUGAST, Anne-Sophie CAMUS, Cindy LEMART et Catherine GALIEGUE)

All the way from the city of Le Mans (France), six Sales Representatives (including one specially dedicated to export) make it their mission to best describe customer’s requests.

Preparing estimates, quotations, order taking, customer relations, order tracking, customer service … Each Sales Rep. follows each order from beginning to end.

CBM: 4 Technical advisers dedicated to finding solutions

(Lionel COTTEREAU, Frédéric BODINIER, Sylvain HUARD et Christophe BREGEOT)

In addition, four technical advisers are responsible for transforming the customer’s request into a technical solution and finding the best answer regarding price, time and quality. Once the request is thoroughly understood, they seek and identify appropriate parts or provide relevant customer service.

CBM: Customer satisfaction at the heart of our concerns

Transparency, responsiveness and expertise. Every day we are committed to providing the best solution at the best price to help reduce our customers’ maintenance costs seamlessly.


To contact CBM France: https://www.cbmcompany.com/fr/contact/  – Tel.: +33 (0) 2 43 24 76 92