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Working with several thousand urban and intercity transport networks throughout the world, CBM a specialist in spare parts for coaches, buses and trams is today the leader in its sector.

For more than 30 years, we have been providing replacement parts for public transport vehicles: coaches, buses and trams. Our technical, commercial and logistical expertise allow us to establish ourselves as the leader on the market of replacement parts for coaches, buses and trams.


A supply service of replacement parts guaranteed in more than 60 countries


The CBM group operates in more than 60 countries throughout the world. The urban networks of the world’s major cities like Paris, New York, Berlin, Madrid, Vancouver, Montréal, Rome Warsaw, Prague, Sydney… as well as numerous private transporters trust us and rely on the savoir-faire of CBM to ensure the maintenance of their transport vehicles.


CBM relies on efficient logistics and has 8 logistics centres around Europe, North America, Australia. These centres allow us to ensure daily deliveries of spare parts in 24 to 72 hours depending on the regions.


Customer satisfaction at the heart of our concerns


CBM has operational teams, specialists in replacement parts for coaches, buses and trams in each country.


Our teams are available to listen to our customers and carry out processing of orders without an intermediary. We make sure we provide the best care when preparing orders by responding to the needs of operators of public and private transport and we commit on a daily basis to significantly contributing to the reduction of our customers’ maintenance costs with full transparency.


Choosing CBM is guaranteeing access to a large range of replacement parts


Our range is specifically adapted to the maintenance of passenger transport materials and it accompanies their technological development.


Also, CBM offers an evolving range of replacement parts for coaches, buses and trams with more than 85 000 references coming from OE parts manufacturers. Our range is comprised of both mass market parts and technical captive parts.


We meet the vehicle maintenance needs of all brands present in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Australia, such as Mercedes, Setra, Neoplan, Iveco bus, Heuliez, MAN, Volvo, Scania, Irizar, Van Hool , VDL, Solaris, Temsa, Otokar, SOR, NovaBus, New Flyer, Prevost, MCI, …

CBM: New logistics platform to improve our customer service!

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  • 1927

    Creation of SCF Verney. The company specialises in the construction of railway vehicles at sites in Le Mans (Sarthe) and Prix-lès-Mézières (Ardennes)

  • 1934

    Launching of the coach production chain.

  • 1950

    Discontinuation of railway vehicle construction.

  • 1956

    SCF Verney becomes Société des Autobus et Matériels Verney (S.A.M.V)

  • 1976

    Following its insolvency, S.A.V.M becomes CBM (Cars et Bus Le Mans), the company specialises in the production of city buses.

  • 1985

    CBM goes into partnership with RVI (Renault Véhicules industriels), who sub-contracts part of its production.

  • 1986

    CBM discontinues its production of city buses.
    Jean Claude CLAVIER the Purchasing Director at the time, creates the company CBM (Car et Bus Maintenance) by purchasing the spare parts stock and enters into the distribution of spare parts for buses and coaches.

  • 1986-1998

    Development of CBM on the national market. The company gradually becomes the preferred partner of urban and intercity networks in the supply of spare parts for coaches, buses and trams.

  • 2000

    CBM, thanks to its expertise, starts to develop its business abroad, more specifically in Spain and in Belgium

  • 2005

    First public contract earned in Canada, with the STM Montréal network

  • 2005

    Creation of CBM CR in Prague (Czech Republic)

  • 2006

    Creation of CBM IBERICA in Zaragoza (Spain) in the hope of strengthening development and business in Spain and Portugal

  • 2007

    Creation of CBM N.A. in Montréal (Canada)

  • 2007

    Creation of CBM Deutschland

  • 2009

    The Management as well as the employees at CBM acquire the company from from the main shareholder NATIXIS. They therefore become main shareholders

  • 2010

    Purchase of the company VAR in Turin (Italy), specialised in the distribution of replacement parts for buses.

  • 2011

    Opening in Le Mans of a new 2500M2 logistics centre dedicated to the storage of windows and windscreens

  • 2014

    Creation of CBM South Pacific in Sydney (Australia)

  • 2014

    Creation of CBM US in Boston (USA)

  • 2016

    Creation of CBM Polska in Warsaw (Poland)

  • 2017

    A new warehouse in Warsaw (Poland)

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