27 June Corporate

CBM construction site: a work in progress

CBM began construction on its future premises at “Viel Hêtre” in Rouillon (France) six months ago. Watch this video to find out how the works are coming along.

ALT CBM construction site: A 50,694 sq.m. plot dedicated to CBM business activities.

Construction of CBM’s future head office and logistics platform, begun in December 2018 on a 50,694 sq.m. site adjacent to CBM’s current premises, is well on-track. The additional 13,677 sq.m. of surface area has now been “topped out”.

These new facilities, next to CBM’s current premises, will have more space to store our constantly changing range of spare parts for cars, buses and trams. We are committed to providing an ever more effective response to the needs of our public and private transport operator customers.


To contact CBM: https://www.cbmcompany.com/fr/contact/ – Tel.: +33 (0)2 43 24 76 92